Puraclenz PCO will help you return to normal business operations and activities in a safer and healthier environment for your customers and employees. EPA/CDC guidelines state that PCO is effective at deactivating all pathogens including the Covid-19 virus, in both the indoor air and on all physical surfaces, such as table and chairs, desks, file cabinets, shelves, supplies, and even cracks and crannies.

Every local business, in every city and town across the USA, can reopen in a safer environment by using Puraclenz PCO technology to cleanse the indoor air and all exposed physical surfaces from any dangerous pathogens, including viruses. Types of businesses include fitness clubs and gyms, sports facilities, golf and country clubs, medical and dental offices, physical therapy and rehab facilities, restaurants and pubs, schools and universities, hotels, hair and nail salons, office buildings, supermarkets, clothing stores, and all other retail establishments. Puraclenz PCO is also safe and effective for use in residential homes.

Yes. Puraclenz PCO is safe for use in the presence of humans and pets, so you will be able to confidently keep your family safer from germs, bacteria, mold, and viruses, while having peace of mind, knowing that the product does not produce any effects that could be harmful for your family. It can cover up to 3,000square feet, so depending on the layout of your house, it may be able to cover multiple rooms on different floor.

Puraclenz products use Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), a non-ozone safe and effective disinfection process developed over 50 years ago and used in the International Space Station to provide clean air for astronauts. PCO is a process that occurs in nature when the UV rays in sunlight reacts with air molecules, producing positive and negative ions that act as nature’s way of cleaning the air. Puraclenz PCO is safe, because it emits no dangerous chemicals, or any Ozone.

No. Our photos on this website have been animated with pink and turquoise “ions” for illustrative purposes only. In reality, you won’t see anything coming out of the unit because you can’t see ions or viruses in the air. Additionally, the unit does not emit any steam, fumes, or ozone, making it safe for people and pets to be in the room with.


Puraclenz Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) creates ionized air, a process that occurs in nature. It was developed for use on the International Space Station to keep astronauts healthy. It is non-ozone safe, continuous 24/7 operation, active purification system that is scientifically proven to deactivate all pathogens including all three classes of viruses.

Puraclenz PCO is the most complete and natural process for effectively deactivating all pathogens, including viruses. Other systems may not clean both air and surfaces, may not be safe in the presence of humans, may not operate continuously 24/7,may not cover the same 3,000 square foot area, and may not be an active system that finds and eliminates the pathogens from the environment. Puraclenz PCO air purification provides all these benefits in one unit. It is the most cost effective and complete indoor environmental air purification system available.

All pathogens, that includes viruses, bacteria, mold spores, VOCs, anthrax, allergens, smoke, mildew, fungus, and odors. The active distribution of positive and negative clusters of ions throughout the entire room, up to 3,000square feet in area, will attack the cellular structure of the pathogens and deactivate them in the air and on any exposed surface on which they reside, including crevices and crannies. If air can reach any surface in the room it will be ionized air molecules for disinfection.

Photocatalytic Oxidation is a proven technology that has been used and studied for over 50 years by many academic institutions, commercial and government organizations including NASA. The full history of PCO efficacy tests showing deactivation of viruses, bacteria and mold is available upon request. The viruses deactivated in these white papers are surrogates of SARS-CoV-2. EPA/CDC guidelines state that Photocatalytic Oxidation is effective at fighting Covid-19.

Puraclenz is conducting several laboratory virus tests using its P-3000 PCO Air Purifier with white papers available in June,2021.

Aerosol Virus test at Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories in Olathe, KS using a P3000device to show 3-4 log reduction of MS2 Bacteriophage that is nebulized at a controlled density in the air of a 10’L x 10’W x 8’H room then exposed to Ionization for 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, 2 hours and 3 hours. MS2Bacteriophage is a small non-enveloped virus (hardest to deactivate category)that is a surrogate virus for SARS-CoV-2.Spike Aerosol Virus Test (to simulate Sneezing/Coughing) at Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories in Olathe, KS using a P3000 device to show up 1 log reduction of MS2 Bacteriophage that is nebulized at a controlled density in the air of a 10’L x 10’W x 8’H room then exposed to Ionization for 5, 15 and 30 minutes.MS2 Bacteriophage is a small non-enveloped virus (hardest to deactivate category) that a surrogate virus forSARS-CoV-2.SARS-CoV-2 Surface Virus test at Microbac in Sterling, VA using aP3000 device to show 3-4 log reduction of SARS-CoV2 that is placed onto steel plates and exposed to Ionization.

Puraclenz Air Ions are proven to destroy mold spores for many species including Aspergillus, Penicillium, Curvularia, Cladosporium, Epicoccum, Alternaria, and Yeast. Established fungal colonies should still be remediated with surface cleaners as Puraclenz technology is only able to stop mold growth by destroying mold spores.

Puraclenz disinfection offers the most complete and safest air and surface disinfection option available. It will provide 24/7 continuous disinfection of all pathogens in the indoor environment.  We do not recommend the discontinuation of hand cleaning of surfaces, because additional precautions are always wise. We recommend that you keep using best practices for good sanitization.

No. The purpose of the UV light is not to create direct disinfection of pathogens by direct contact, as some other systems do, requiring the evacuation of the room by humans. The role of the Puraclenz UV light is to provide a source of internal light stimulation targeted on the titanium dioxide catalyst, to create a photo-chemical reaction that produces ions which are then distributed into the indoor environment.  The UV light stays within the internal chamber of the Puraclenz PCO system and is not emitted into the room. Puraclenz products are certified to pass UL507 safety standards that include a UVC leakage test.

No, Puraclenz PCO does not emit ozone and is certified to pass UL2998 (Underwriters Laboratories Air Cleaner Standard for Zero Ozone Emissions). Puraclenz products use a special shielded UV bulb that does not emit wavelengths below 250nm.Since ozone is created by light at 185nm or lower, Puraclenz products emit Zero ozone.


The Puraclenz PCO air purifier has been tested by an FDA compliant lab and determined to deactivate the MS-2 Bacteriophage virus by 99.5%. This is a surrogate virus to Covid-19, Testing was conducted using a P-3000 PCO Air Purifier. White papers available with testing detail. (MS2 Virus Lab Test Report)

No, the CDC does not approve air cleaners. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), a department of CDC, conducts research and makes recommendations to prevent illnesses in the workplace such as filtration materials and face masks that are not directly applicable to a product like Puraclenz.

The EPA does not certify, register or provide lists of acceptable air cleaners. The EPA’s indoor air quality division publishes guidelines for residential portable air cleaners and they refer regulation of commercial space’s air quality to ASHRAE.

Air cleaners do not require FDA approval, but the FDA will certify medical claims made by air cleaners. Puraclenz plans to apply for 510k approval under FDA Regulatory Class II Device and FRA Product Code that the model P3000 disinfects viruses in the air and on surfaces using results from its ongoing third party laboratory tests.


No. The they are powered by a standard USA electrical outlet(120V/60Hz) and only consumes 15W or less of power. It includes a 6ft long power cord with 3 prong Type B USA plug.

No. Puraclenz products are small and convenient for versatile, easy to install options. They are designed for use on a tabletop, desk, or bookcase, or can be wall or ceiling mounted, using the built-in mounting bracket and supplied screws. This option is similar to mounting a smoke detector. Only when an existing electrical outlet is not used, a certified electrician can strip the plug off the power cord provided and connect to powerlines that are installed in a UL listed or recognized junction box.

There are LED lights on the unit confirming proper operation and will indicate when maintenance is required.

The Puraclenz PCO Pre-Filter needs to be replaced or cleaned every 6-12 months depending on the air quality of the installation space. The UV lamp will run for 2.5 years before it will need to be replaced. These time durations assume 24/7 continuous use. The units include indicator lights that automatically notify the user when to replace the lamp or change the Pre-Filter. It is easy to replace the Pre-Filter and Lamp in just a few minutes. There is no other regular maintenance required.


Yes. Puraclenz PCO is superior in performance, less expensive, and easier to use. Electrostatic sprayers, UV disinfection, and hydrogen peroxide disinfection systems all have some major drawbacks in common.

These systems are not safe to operate in the presence of humans, because of either a high concentration of chemicals being sprayed or fogged, or a strong concentration of UV light, needed to deactivate pathogens. Therefore, the room must be vacated during disinfection. When the process ends and people come and go through open doors, the room environment is vulnerable to new contamination. This is not a continuous disinfection operation. Puraclenz PCO operates with safe ionization of air molecules. It is proven scientifically to be effective and safe in the presence of humans. Rooms do not need to be vacated and the disinfection process is continuous.

These other systems are “line of sight” operations. The chemical spray or UV light must be directly targeted at the surfaces it is going to disinfect. It can miss many surface areas as well as crevices and crannies, where mold, bacteria, and viruses can live. The Puraclenz PCO fills the entire room with disinfecting ions that cover every surface for complete disinfection of the indoor environment. If air can reach any surface in the room, then the ionized air molecules can reach their targets and destroy the pathogens.

Electrostatic spraying, hydrogen peroxide treatments, and UV light disinfection is very expensive due to the initial cost of the equipment required, and the need for labor in the application process used. Puraclenz products do not require added labor to operate and each unit can provide coverage up to 3,000 square feet. Each stationary chemical spray or UV system can cost $6,000 or more, and mobile UV systems cost $30,000 and up. Mobile systems require expertly trained technicians to move UV systems within the room during operation, and from room to room with additional cost. Puraclenz PCO products can cover up to 3,000 square feet at a cost of only $0.17/square foot, and never has to be moved or operated by trained technicians. There is no ongoing labor costs associated with its continuous and complete operation.

Yes. Bipolar Ionizers are typically built into expensive air handlers ($6,000-$8,000 including installation) that create ozone due to the Corona Discharge effect they use to create ions. Bipolar Ionizers rely on the central HVAC system fans to circulate their ions and are not continuous because air flows only when temperature in the room is being regulated. When air flow is off, no ions are created. These large systems need landlord approval because they require modification of the building’s central HVAC system with long and expensive installations.

Puraclenz produces zero ozone, provides 24/7continuous protection, is easy to install and maintain, and does not require landlord approval to use.

Yes. These systems are passive, which means that the air they disinfect must be drawn to the unit and pass through it for cleansing. It is possible that not all the air in the room is circulated through the filtration unit, and therefore germs and viruses can remain in the room. For example, if a person coughs or sneezes near another person, the surrounding air is still going to transmit any germs and potentially infect the other person. This air, at the time of the cough or sneeze, has not yet been circulated through the passive filtration system. Puraclenz PCO is an Active disinfection system, that continuously creates virus disinfection ions for distribution throughout the entire room, saturating all the air and every surface. These ions find and deactivate all pathogens upon contact. So any germs or viruses in the cough or sneeze that occurs, is immediately contacted by the ionized air and deactivated. 

Hepa filtration systems also do not disinfect physical surfaces in the room where viruses can live and be transmitted. The Puraclenz active PCO process saturates the entire room with ionized air molecules that seek and destroy the molecular structure of all pathogens, in air and on every surface as well as the most obscure crevices and crannies in the room.


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The P3000 is ETL certified only in the USA at this time. Later in 2021 the P3000 will be certified in other countries and sold through our exclusive international master distributors.

The Puraclenz purifier is warranted against original defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from date of purchase, when used for normal purposes in accordance with the User Guide. This warranty provides, at no cost to you, all parts necessary to ensure your purifier is in proper operating conduction during the warranty period. This warranty is subject to the Limited1 Year Parts Warranty Terms and Conditions.