Introducing Puraclenz PCO Air Purifier Technology

Photocatalytic Oxidation, (PCO), is the photo-chemical reaction process that happens when an “Exciter”, in this case Ultraviolet light rays, is targeted on a “Catalyst”, a metallic surface coated with Titanium Dioxide. The chemical reaction produces positive and negative ions that clean the air. This process occurs in nature using the UV rays of the sun to react with air molecules to create ionization in the atmosphere.

PCO has been used for many years to clean and disinfect indoor air environments, including on the International Space Station to provide a clean air environment for astronauts. PCO has proven in over 40 years of studies performed by third party independent labs and universities to destroy the cellular structure of pathogens, including all three classes of viruses.

The Puraclenz PCO process is an advanced form of Photocatalytic Oxidation, with a patented catalyst cell design that generates an unprecedented ion density in a PCO device for greater air purification ability, while using only safe, non-ozone UV lights to create the ionization for deactivating viruses and other indoor pollutants.

Next Generation PCO Technology

The Puraclenz advanced PCO process creates clusters of neutral gas molecules in the air we breathe. The PCO process uses an internal UV light (the exciter) that reacts with a titanium dioxide surface(the catalyst) to produce the positive and negatively charged ions that deactivate pathogens.

What are ions? An ion is an atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron, giving it a positive or negative electrical charge. When ions disperse throughout a space, they react with single-celled organisms to breakdown their cellular membranes and destroy the cell. After interaction, the molecules lose their electrical charge and are released back into the air as water vapor.

Puraclenz’ advanced and patented catalyst design allows the use of an internal UV light that produces no ozone by-products. This is made possible due to the unique re-engineering design of the catalyst blades that produce an exceptionally high density of ions in a PCO device, for greater disinfection ability.

Active air and surface disinfection for facilities with equipment shared by people.

Safe no-ozone production of ions with unprecedented density for increased effectiveness in a learning environment.

Continuous PCO of air and surfaces that people come in close contact with.

Active & Continuous Disinfection Operation

Patented PCO technology.

A U.S. patent protecting Puraclenz’s next-gen cell design was granted in 2020. The multi-blade design reflects UV light inside the core more efficiently than any other photocatalyst developed. Each blade is shaped to reflect UV light onto the back side of the blade next to it, generating an unprecedented density of ions in a PCO device that will fill spaces up to 3,000 sq. ft.

The unique aerodynamic conical shape further increases ion generation by increasing contact time with the reactive titanium oxide surface.

This revolutionary design provides the largest area of protective coverage against pathogens with the smallest footprint and lowest energy consumption of any comparable product on the market.

Proven effectiveness.

Is Puraclenz effective against coronavirus?

Will Puraclenz destroy Covid-19? The technology used by Puraclenz has been proven to destroy all three types of virus structures including “enveloped viruses” like H1N1 and H5N1 that are Influenza viruses classified as surrogates to (SARS-CoV-2) Covid-19. 

According to EPA and CDC guidelines, the Puraclenz PCO technology is considered effective at neutralizing (SARS-CoV-2)Covid-19 and any of its mutated versions in the air and on surfaces. 

The Puraclenz PCO products also effectively destroy “non-enveloped viruses” like Norovirus, which is a harder virus to deactivate, and has historically been a major cause of serious illnesses and deaths in some medical settings.  The Company is committed to continued efficacy testing as the foundation for its marketing messaging.

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