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The advanced proprietary PCO technology in Puraclenz products is protected by a recently issued US Patent. This proprietary PCO based technology has evolved over the past 7 years into a very powerful, safe and cost-effective solution. After significant investment and technical development provided by the principals and managers of Puraclenz, LLC, (“the Company”) in partnership with UVAIRx Inc. (the patent holder) Puraclenz will launch a series of new products in late December of 2020 deploying this new proprietary PCO technology as the sole owner of the patent. Even prior to these recent events the efficacy of PCO technology has been well established through numerous independent lab tests proving PCO to be effective in inactivating (“killing”) dangerous viruses and bacteria----including but not limited to H5N1 and H1N1 viruses and MRSA all much harder to deactivate than Covid19.


Click here to download - MRSA Lab Test Report
Click here to download - MS2 Virus Lab Test Report